Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Articles of Interest

No, I've not given up on this blog! Thank you for sticking with me. I've had some personal situations that have claimed my time, including the passing of my mom, hubby's latest diabetic foot issue which included hospital time, etc. Too much and it interferes with my computer time.

And, about that computer time.... My computer is sick and getting old. It was able to do an auto restore this morning, but it's life expectancy is waning!

In spite of all that, I ran across 3 great links that I thought should be shared! I've added all 3 to my favorites files!

Here are 3 links for articles that I think you'll like for a resource or even to just read thru for the "fond memories" angle. :) I added them to my favorites! I think the preventive maintenance is something we can all use at times. So I hope they are as helpful and enjoyable for you as they were for me.

It's almost time for shearing my 2 Angora girls. They are very hairy.... giant mohair manufacturers who are peeking out around tendrils of lovely fiber. I hear they need locks that are 6" long. I guess 5" will suffice, but 6 is best for spinning. Their color differences are more noticible now with longer locks. Daisy is white, but Delilah is "red" on her ears and leg joints. Daisy has white locks and Delilah is more of a darker champagne type color.
And if anyone wants a kitten, give me a yell! Either someone dropped off a litter of 6 kittens or momma cat decided a goat farm with milk is a good place for her to drop them off at. But I now am dealing with 6 kittens who do/did belong to someone as they are all well handled and like people. I already have 6 cats (all spayed) and really can't afford to spay/neuter 6 more, not to mention they all need 3 vaccinations each for their kitten series. I also hope (go ahead and snicker here) momma had her kitty leukemia shots as I do NOT want to drag that in! I dealt with that several years ago due to another stray that was dropped off and ended up having to test all my cats and had to put a couple down as they had contracted it. :(
I hope to be back active soon!  I just plain have too much on my plate! But I WILL return!