Friday, January 20, 2012

Recreate It! Lavendar Baby Pants

What did you see when looking at these adorable, fleecy baby pants?

I tucked the one leg inside the other and ended up with this. And more importantly, THIS:

I see an easy way to make a pattern for them! I will probably trace them like this and again open. Then I can make sure I get the front and back rise in order so they don't hang too low in the back when baby is sitting. They will be warmer if the lower back is adequately and properly covered.

I do have some baby pants patterns for pants and shorts, but I LOVE the angulation and trim on the bottom of these. So I wanted to be able to do this with pants and some long legged-shorts. Won't they be cute?

I'll probably hang on to these for a while. I really like them and they can have a few incidental uses too. I just can't cut these up for a pattern, although that CAN be done. Maybe I'll run across some like it that are all stained up! Those I can and will cut up!

Why didn't I think of cute hems like this for my girls? I sure sewed a lot of little pants! Why didn't I keep all those patterns too?  I can use these to copy the hem to other patterns.

I can use them for a pattern for making some of the little pant/skirt combos that are currently popular.

I can use them to help with an idea of other things too. I saw a blog post about making baby tights without a pattern. These pants are a stretchy fleece and will most likely be a close fit to a baby's legs instead of a blousy fit from some of the patterns I have.

I can use them to size pants that don't have a size in them.

I can all do some measurements on them for selling baby pants. I don't have a baby fitting model as mine grew up! 

And, who wouldn't like a pair of these for their baby or grand baby?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recreate It!

I have thought and thought and thought. Then, my light bulb illuminated in my head! I still could have a better idea come along, but I really wanted to get this one area of my creating published and in motion. I think my idea is going to do well! I've got pics and ideas to share so got it done. Maybe someday I'll want to change it to a more fitting name. That can happen as things change, grow, etc. With this part of my creating, the needs could change for what I'm now doing. That would definitely motivate a change of title. So, at this point in time, the title of this part of my creating is:
Recreate It

One of my reasons (the MAIN reason) for not using charity in the title was so I can also include a few items I make for sale at etsy or elsewhere. I really need to generate some income to mail the clothing and other items (garden seeds, elders' lap quilts, clothing for the PRR homeless Veterans Center, etc.) to charities I'm creating for and helping. I didn't want you to think I was being sneaky or dishonest when you see something go to etsy, or even the summer dress I'm making for myself, dogs, goat kids, etc. So "Recreate It" allows for that to be and truly reflect all of what I do in a clear and hopefully concise manner.

A BIG THANK YOU to the reader who suggested another great title, Repurpose for a Good Deed!
Now I need to figure out how to do the pages! I've tried before and couldn't do anything but make one. I couldn't get the pertinent posts to go into it.

I'll be back real soon with some pics of the items I have to recreate! I've been getting them taken and edited so I'm ready to start sharing them!
Do you want a teaser? Here's an EASY one!
What do you see here? I'm not giving a clue because I LOVE to hear ideas. Yours might work better than mine, after all! I will say they are a pair of lavendar baby pants. Now you take it from there!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update & Dilemma

Blogspot is cooperating better tonight! I still can't get a banner uploaded and behind the title and text. It consistently places it below even though I'm cautiously trying to do it right. I wonder if it's the template I chose! I'm trying to find the old template interface or what ever they call it. I think I'd like to use the same one I use on my other 2 blogs and just have it all easier to navigate.
My dilemma is deciding on a name for the posts I want to make about the potential of items I come up with for upcycling into charity projects. So far I've come up with using the word "potential". It's not "grabbing me" and I really would like something catchy. So far "Potential To Be" might end up being it if I don't figure it out SOON. What I want to do is post pics and ideas of what to do with items. I have started photographing some items I have to work with but need that title. Then after I upcycle the item I can post pics and sometimes directions for readers to make their own. What do you call your starter process of looking at the potential of something for what it's to become? It's kind of like a vision of the item's potential. Any ideas?

So, I'm going to work on trying to get the interface figured out and try to decide on a title for the upcycling project.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Troubles with Blogspot!

Goodness, I've never had trouble starting a blog but for some reason blogspot is giving me problems! My dashboard appearance and style has been changed and I don't like this one at all! I can't find my way out of this new style either! Please bear with me as I try to figure this out!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Welcome to my projects on my new blog!

I will be sharing a great many things, with many definitely being a work in progress and with a purpose!

This work in progress will probably start out slowly! I hope as I get photos taken and cropped, projects photographed, etc. that I'll be able to speed it up some.

So, please come on along and see where this project travels and unfolds! I'd love to have followers and always enjoy comments, suggestions, and ideas!

Sew, come on along and I hope you enjoy the threads!


I love to sew and craft.

I'm relearning to crochet and knit. I never knew a lot, but have found I remember less than I thought! Relearning and progressing is a learning curve that will probably never end! I'm continuously amazed at what I see that people have designed, created, and share. The inter net is a WEALTH of info to clean from, drool over, and dream about!

I also love to do charitable work and firmly believe we have a responsibility to sow what we can and live a frugal live which includes sharing where we can. So, most of my creations are for donation to favorite projects. So here I will be sharing what I create, upcycle and recycle as I am able, and for those who I'm able to help out in some way.

I will also do some projects to sell to cover the postage and expenses for what I can share and help others by providing.

You'll see all that here and maybe a little more!