Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Question

Any chance the Easter Bunny might deliver a couple little bunnys to me on Easter? I did find some rabbit cages so now I'm ready for a couple bunnys.

Plus, I already have my colored Easter Eggs!
My hens do a nice job, don't they?

I also have 13 little chicks that hatched so I don't need those!

But, I've been working on having a trio of buns again and now I'm ready. So maybe if the Easter Bunny is good to old ladies.... he just might consider my request, right?

I know this is a sewing and repurposing blog, we we all do have a life beyond the scope our our blogs. So I thought I'd go ahead and post this so you get a bit more of a glimpse of my life when not in front of the computer or sewing machine. I'll probably do this now and then as a farm is a busy place in the Spring. My dairy goats are kidding now too so I AM busy and getting sewing done is difficult! I also hate leaving my blogs sitting idle. So plan on seeing a touch of my farm life inserted now and then. ;) 

I did get just enough time to cast on some knitting stitches the other day! I'm officially going to get some 4" squares done now and make a pair of baby booties to donate! I'm finally getting good enough to feel I can do something that can be shared and not look like a well-worn piece of something!

Have a SUPER weekend!

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