Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make a Tee Shirt Bag

I wanted to share with you from another blog. "Delia" has a tutorial for making a produce type bag from and old tee shirt! There's not much sewing to it! She's very easy to understand for the cutting of the holes too! You can check it out here:

I might just make these bags for the extended family for Christmas. I think there are enough uses for the bags that they can all make use of them. Between trips to the beach or pool, farmers' market, or just to tote things around, I think they can all find a use for them. If they are really desparate, I would bet their kids would be able to help with a use.

I think I should get myself a couple made too. Last year I used my cloth grocery bags and got them dirty from just a trip to the farmers' market. So this way I can keep my grocery bags clean for the stores and have a bag that is easy to wash out by hand for the market. They will also be very handy for our annual trip up north to get apples, onions, etc for winter storage. And they will be handy to step out to the garden to pick a few items for making dinner.

If you want to make some but don't have any tees you want to use, pick up a few at the thrift stores, GoodWill, or even garage sales. They are pretty cheap to buy at these locations.

Now I'm wondering how many I need just for me! Making some for me first will be a good trial-run so to speak for making them for gifts.

And what colors do I want? I think for myself, I'll stick with the darker colors of purple, red, green, blue.... I think the pastel or light colors will show stains too easily after they've been used a while.

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