Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clothespins & Bag/Hanger

I am needing one of the clothespin bags for hanging on the clothesline. I do think it will need an extra pocket as I've lost too many of these with the clothes pins in them! I'm not stupid and thought there would be a trail of clothespins so I could retrieve the hanger. I had also smashed the hanger down some so it shouldn't blow away so easily, but, alas, they have just plain dissapeared. Weird! I think I'll make my own and then add a "zip strip" to it to keep it on the line! AND I'll put a small rock or couple of stones in the extra pocket! Maybe with enough zip strips and stones, I might be able to keep it under control.
Does anyone have a link to one so I can go round it up?
I could also complain about the crappy, weak clothespins that sell these days, but I'll spare you. IF you happen to find any GOOD ones that will hold a pair a jeans or sweatshirt on the line without using 20 clothespins, please let me know! I gave up on my recent load of laundry and brought them in damp yesterday. I had to keep picking up shirts and all that were wind-ripped off the line inspite of an excess of clothespins. I had to pick up a bunch (BUNCH) of clothesping and put them back together tooooo many times. So I brought them in and hung what I could. Then I draped pants on the furniture to finish drying. The cats enjoyed the fresh laundry!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

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