Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Little Lenten Humor

I've been working on getting my sewing/craft stash better organized. I would so LOVE to have a sewing room! Or maybe just a "big girl play room" would be a better way to put it. I think the only problem would be that I'd have to have my sewing machineS, sewing/craft stash, computer and tv in the room. Then, you'd never be able to drag me out of there!

I wonder how I'd want to ideally position the 3 sewing machines and computer. I'd have to have the tv at the wall so I could see it from which ever machine I'm operating! So do I put them in a horseshoe or just line them up?  Where do I put the work table? I'd have to be able to get around at LEAST 3 of the 4 sides but being able to get all the way around it would be ideal.

Then, however I can up with the positioning, I'd want to be able to see out the window. This would be a real connundrum if I were to have that dream room!

In the meantime, I'm still sorting and organizing my stashes. While working with some cottons, the tv had a bit about lent and what is being given up.

Hubby told me he is giving up cotton balls for lint!

I laughed! Did you?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How I Enlarge A Pattern

Due to a question recently asked on a sewing group, I thought I'd use my response to how to enlarge a pattern to the next size when the pattern is at it's largest of the typical 3 cutting/sizing options. I hope this will help or at least give some ideas of how you can go about doing this w/o buying a new pattern (providing you have some sewing experience;).
It really will depend on your sewing ability, the pattern, and way your body is shaped compared to the pattern. Usually you can increase w/no problem on the pattern where there are lines for doing so.

I would suggest getting the pattern out and spreading it out like a puzzle so you are aligning the pieces as if they were sewn together. Then measure your body and the pattern to see where you'll need to increase the dimensions of the pattern. Stick-it notes are helpful as you can jot your measurement and the pattern's on them so you don't lose track when it gets more complicated.

Then after all that, find garments that fit you well and spread them out with buttons and all closed, etc as if it was being worn. Then lay the pattern back out again on top of it. Then with the stick it's and pins (if needed), check out the areas you most need to custom fit such as chest, arms, shoulders, length, etc. Also compare the shoulder where your b straps sit and down to the center of the armpit area.

By this time you should know if you can use the pattern or if you need to buy one that is larger (smaller, etc.)

If needed, based on your confidence and ability, you can also trace your clothes you are testing against the pattern and have an idea there by laying the pattern pieces out on that paper tracing. IF it would help you even more, you can cut your drawn items into pattern pieces so you can work with smaller pieces for enlarging (or diminishing) the pieces.

Just keep in mind that your pattern is showing seam allowances and your clothing isn't so you'll have that difference to account for. :)
When I'm cutting out a new pattern, I cut it with all the sizes and darts and such all left intact. Then I can use my tracing wheel or marking pencil to mark the material for the size I will be cutting it into. Sometimes I will cut some spots around the arms, crotch, neck area so I can fold the pattern seams for the larger sizes and not cut them off. You can fold and iron them to make cutting much easier. When you first start cutting the pattern out, look at it closely and you'll learn a lot about how you can customize it to your own measurements.

I hope this helps!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still having trouble blogging on this new format. I keep getting timed-out messages and my posts disappear before I can finish them. I've got a pink warning line message now. It also wouldn't let me upload a graphic/pic. This is getting really frustrating.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clothespins & Bag/Hanger

I am needing one of the clothespin bags for hanging on the clothesline. I do think it will need an extra pocket as I've lost too many of these with the clothes pins in them! I'm not stupid and thought there would be a trail of clothespins so I could retrieve the hanger. I had also smashed the hanger down some so it shouldn't blow away so easily, but, alas, they have just plain dissapeared. Weird! I think I'll make my own and then add a "zip strip" to it to keep it on the line! AND I'll put a small rock or couple of stones in the extra pocket! Maybe with enough zip strips and stones, I might be able to keep it under control.
Does anyone have a link to one so I can go round it up?
I could also complain about the crappy, weak clothespins that sell these days, but I'll spare you. IF you happen to find any GOOD ones that will hold a pair a jeans or sweatshirt on the line without using 20 clothespins, please let me know! I gave up on my recent load of laundry and brought them in damp yesterday. I had to keep picking up shirts and all that were wind-ripped off the line inspite of an excess of clothespins. I had to pick up a bunch (BUNCH) of clothesping and put them back together tooooo many times. So I brought them in and hung what I could. Then I draped pants on the furniture to finish drying. The cats enjoyed the fresh laundry!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Line Friends

I have a wonderful, talented, giving woman on the net who I claim as a friend. I've gotten to know her over 3 o4 years online and have had the priviledge of taling with her on the phone. I belong to her sewing groups and a few others that include sewing in some fashion. I LOVE her groups and am often amazed as how much she willingly shares. It's monumental, EXTENSIVE, and truly needed and helpful!

The bad news is that "Brook" is dealing with end-stage cancer after years of treatment, and I'm sure, heart break. Even worse to had to her situation, her hubby was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Both are now in hospice. If you pray, please pray for them both. Brook is dealing with a lot of pain too so even prayers for control of the pain and other side affects would be most appreciated.

Because of Brook's health situation, she has graciously given me a couple of her groups and even more awesome, is her blog, Green Aprons. I'm going to be adding them here for your access and enjoyment. I'm sure you all will find helpful info and a place you can learn from. I feel honored to be the recipient for this huge gift and plan on keeping them going. Green Aprons ( ) has much more than "just" sewing. So I suspect that a lot of you would like to add it to your favorites.

I'm having a hard time navigating blogger with the new interface (I hate it!) and have wasted tons of time. I can't read that fine print as I have a cataract that makes it even worse. I can't believe they took an awesome "product" and totally ruined it. So, please bear with me and I'll soon have the section open with links to Brook's groups and blog.

Prior to our inter net and high tech lives, we use to have most of our friends within seeing distance or visiting distance. Now we have a new horizon.... Inter net friends. And sadly, we will lose some of them over time, as in real life. The thing is, the inter net may be a virtual world, but our virtual world is made of REAL people with real lives and all that comes with it. Right now, I'm looking at losing 2 on line friends very soon. I don't want to let them go but, that's life. Real or virtual!

Please do go visit Green Aprons and watch for the new group links. Brook is still trying to get some things around on them so there will be some new posts to enjoy while we appreciate the remarkable skills and talents of a wonderful woman!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

I hope you've all had a nice day and had some time with those closest to you!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Articles of Interest

No, I've not given up on this blog! Thank you for sticking with me. I've had some personal situations that have claimed my time, including the passing of my mom, hubby's latest diabetic foot issue which included hospital time, etc. Too much and it interferes with my computer time.

And, about that computer time.... My computer is sick and getting old. It was able to do an auto restore this morning, but it's life expectancy is waning!

In spite of all that, I ran across 3 great links that I thought should be shared! I've added all 3 to my favorites files!

Here are 3 links for articles that I think you'll like for a resource or even to just read thru for the "fond memories" angle. :) I added them to my favorites! I think the preventive maintenance is something we can all use at times. So I hope they are as helpful and enjoyable for you as they were for me.

It's almost time for shearing my 2 Angora girls. They are very hairy.... giant mohair manufacturers who are peeking out around tendrils of lovely fiber. I hear they need locks that are 6" long. I guess 5" will suffice, but 6 is best for spinning. Their color differences are more noticible now with longer locks. Daisy is white, but Delilah is "red" on her ears and leg joints. Daisy has white locks and Delilah is more of a darker champagne type color.
And if anyone wants a kitten, give me a yell! Either someone dropped off a litter of 6 kittens or momma cat decided a goat farm with milk is a good place for her to drop them off at. But I now am dealing with 6 kittens who do/did belong to someone as they are all well handled and like people. I already have 6 cats (all spayed) and really can't afford to spay/neuter 6 more, not to mention they all need 3 vaccinations each for their kitten series. I also hope (go ahead and snicker here) momma had her kitty leukemia shots as I do NOT want to drag that in! I dealt with that several years ago due to another stray that was dropped off and ended up having to test all my cats and had to put a couple down as they had contracted it. :(
I hope to be back active soon!  I just plain have too much on my plate! But I WILL return!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day!

I hope you all are having a nice 4th of July! We've been very busy all day and I've finally gotten a moment to stop in. I've had our military and freedoms in my thoughts all day. I GREATLY APPRECIATE all our military, past, present and future do/have done for all of us. I also GREATLY APPRECIATE the families and special persons in their lives who support them and sometimes have to care for them if they are injured or have any types of problems from having served. There's no way we can thank them all enough.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make a Tee Shirt Bag

I wanted to share with you from another blog. "Delia" has a tutorial for making a produce type bag from and old tee shirt! There's not much sewing to it! She's very easy to understand for the cutting of the holes too! You can check it out here:

I might just make these bags for the extended family for Christmas. I think there are enough uses for the bags that they can all make use of them. Between trips to the beach or pool, farmers' market, or just to tote things around, I think they can all find a use for them. If they are really desparate, I would bet their kids would be able to help with a use.

I think I should get myself a couple made too. Last year I used my cloth grocery bags and got them dirty from just a trip to the farmers' market. So this way I can keep my grocery bags clean for the stores and have a bag that is easy to wash out by hand for the market. They will also be very handy for our annual trip up north to get apples, onions, etc for winter storage. And they will be handy to step out to the garden to pick a few items for making dinner.

If you want to make some but don't have any tees you want to use, pick up a few at the thrift stores, GoodWill, or even garage sales. They are pretty cheap to buy at these locations.

Now I'm wondering how many I need just for me! Making some for me first will be a good trial-run so to speak for making them for gifts.

And what colors do I want? I think for myself, I'll stick with the darker colors of purple, red, green, blue.... I think the pastel or light colors will show stains too easily after they've been used a while.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

(And look at all that black fleece!)
All I need to know I learned...from the Easter Bunny!
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
There's no such thing as too much candy.
All work and no play can make you a basket case.
A cute tail attracts a lot of attention.
Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day.
Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.
Some body parts should be floppy.
Keep your paws off of other people's jelly beans.
Good things come in small, sugar coated packages.
The grass is always greener in someone else's basket.
To show your true colors, you have to come out of the shell.
The best things in life are still sweet and gooey.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Do any of you remember mohair yarn and wrapping a boyfriend's class ring with it so it would fit your finger and be all fluffly and soft?
We are now "manufacturing" mohair on the hoof! As of today, I'm the ESTATIC owner of 2 Angora does (yearlings).
Being I'm no longer going steady and wrapping a ring that is far too large for my finger, I'm going to have some fleece to sell and some to enjoy knitting with. I bet it will make some wonderful baby booties too!
I do love and enjoy my goats and these 2 girls are a very welcome addition to the herd!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sewing Tip

Do you ever sew with material that you don't want to put pin-holes in? Suedes, leathers, vinyl, etc are often hard to work with without pins. Well, I have 2 tips for you!

First, you can use double sided tape. Then after sewing, you can pull the tape off into 2 strips by just by separating the seam a bit to access it. I don't advise tape though if your project is going to set for a while. It's more of a tape-it and sew-it the same day thing. You can also occassionally use masking tape to hold lighter weight and slippery materials in place. You can sew right over it and then just pull the tape off in strips when you are finished with the seam.

Or, you can use those hair clips that snap open and close by holding the one end and pressing against your head. Or, try binder clips. Depending on what you are doing, paper clips MIGHT work, but be careful if they'll pull off and gouge your expensive material.

Hope these tips can help you out. If you think of more ways to use tape, hair clips, binder clips, etc. please leave a note in the comments! We'd all love to hear them!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Question

Any chance the Easter Bunny might deliver a couple little bunnys to me on Easter? I did find some rabbit cages so now I'm ready for a couple bunnys.

Plus, I already have my colored Easter Eggs!
My hens do a nice job, don't they?

I also have 13 little chicks that hatched so I don't need those!

But, I've been working on having a trio of buns again and now I'm ready. So maybe if the Easter Bunny is good to old ladies.... he just might consider my request, right?

I know this is a sewing and repurposing blog, we we all do have a life beyond the scope our our blogs. So I thought I'd go ahead and post this so you get a bit more of a glimpse of my life when not in front of the computer or sewing machine. I'll probably do this now and then as a farm is a busy place in the Spring. My dairy goats are kidding now too so I AM busy and getting sewing done is difficult! I also hate leaving my blogs sitting idle. So plan on seeing a touch of my farm life inserted now and then. ;) 

I did get just enough time to cast on some knitting stitches the other day! I'm officially going to get some 4" squares done now and make a pair of baby booties to donate! I'm finally getting good enough to feel I can do something that can be shared and not look like a well-worn piece of something!

Have a SUPER weekend!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Wow, I need sent to sit in the corner! That's where my sewing machine is! It just seems I'm CONTINOUSLY having to do something else!

I have to take hubby for some tests so hopefully I will be able to "fiddle" around with my knitting project!

On the way home I'll stop by the thrift shops! I wonder what goodies I'll find to bring home and then look at wishing I could be sent to the corner to play!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fluffy Flannel Find!

I LOVE a good find! Look at this flannel I found at GoodWill for $6.99!

It's a full 8 yards! It's not a heavy-weight flannel, but it's still new, and in 1 piece!
As usual, it's a what-to-use-it-for-piece! At that price I just had to go ahead and snatch it up!

Maybe I'll make a pair of lounge/jammy pants for me. I'd sure have a lot left so maybe a couple of newborn day gowns and some tot jammies. Or maybe some lap quilts for the eldery or a baby quilt?

At this point, I think I'll add it to my stash. I now have a piece of Christmas material on hand and a nice piece of flannel. I can definitely ponder on this for a while.

I LOVE a good deal and a find like this! Now I really REALLY need some sewing time!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Repurpose Tip - Mesh Bags

Did you know you can use those mesh bags that produce (onions, oranges, etc) for laundry bags for small items like socks, etc? Also, if you have a soft, pliable one, you can use it for washing neck scarves! It keeps a scarf from tangling throughout the machine, creating a macrame mess with other laundry. Wash your bras and delicates in them too. Just be sure the bag is NOT "snaggy". 

Also, if you hand wash items such as a sweather or such that would stretch and become a mess, you can hand wash it in a net bag! It will keep the item contained and make it easy to lift and let the water escape quickly and easily! Hang the bag and let it drain for a while and then it will be safe to hang or block depending on the item's specific needs.

Just be selective of the bag you use for washing!

Friday, February 17, 2012

ReCreate It!

I found this beachy material at Good Will. There's about 4 yards of it and it was $1.29! GREAT find! I'll be SLIGHTLY limited as to the use. As you can see, it's thin and easily seen thru. That didn't discourage me though. It can be used for many things such as tote bag liner with matching straps and pockets, pockets, sleeves, and even a skirt attached to leggings. For a skirt on leggings, a top can be made from the same material as the leggings and then this can easily decorate the top. It can be used for a pillow cover, pillow cases, ruffles for clothes, etc. It will end up being a go-to piece.
This piece is actually a bed skirt with a cotton flat piece and not the woven piece. So I can use the material from both parts of it! This is also a thin material giving it a few limitations, but can be used much the same as above. I've also thought of using some of both to add together for a tiered skirt.
One thing I like about these bed skirts is the ruffle is already a ruffle! So I don't have to do the hard part! It makes for some easy sewing!
With the way prints and patterns are being combined these days, I could probably layer both for a tiered skirt or just use some of both in the same item.
I also need a couple newer summer dresses for the exceptionally hot days so I may just use some off of a couple different bed skirts to make the skirt part of the project and attached them to the bottom of a scrub top. I'll remove the sleeves and turn them into some other project! An oversized tee shirt can also have the sleeves removed and be used as the top. Sleeves don't necessarily need to be removed either. They can be changed into a ruffle or cap type sleeve with a quick trim and hem of the raw edge.
Day before yesterday, I went to a new thrift & vintage shop in the next little town. I fell in love with the place, of course. How fun to look at the antiques I remember from childhood. I'll definitely be returning regularly! I really enjoyed talking with the proprietor while reminiscing! We're the same age so it was an easy conversation! I did find some old crochet books that I snatched right up and have had fun reading thru. The only repurposing from there goes to my kitchen though!
If you have any ideas for the above material, please do let me know! That beach material isn't going to "make it" for baby clothes other than maybe butt ruffles on onesies or pants. But I can probably use some of the bed skirt that way easily.
I always enjoy comments and opinions so feel free to post them. I'm always open to help deciding what to do with items I'm repurposing and especially the charitable items!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Knitted Bed Throw

Have I mentioned that I am relearning to crochet and knit. I never knew much to begin with so I'm really finding that it's more of a challenge now. I'm also now much more appreciative of the time and effort that go into making something. And that is ESPECIALLY in the new-to-me bed throw I found at the hospice thrift store. I had to buy it of course and it was only $10! It practically jumped off the shelf into my arms!

I absolutely LOVE the colors and it's really warm. I've run my hand across it in appreciation while wondering how long it took the knitter to make it. It had to take some time as it's an ample twin size throw. I wonder about the knitter too! Was this a gift for someone or for the knitter?  It's a basic knit/purl stitching and very much a basic knit, but I can't call something this beautiful "simple". It would seem a disgrace to the knitter who had to have worked hard to make it. It isn't going any where, as it's mine! I bought it for me. We are allowed to do this at times!

Have you ever bought something handmade that you've wondered about it's history and the person who made it?

I've tried to post a pic of the throw but it's not working. I'll try again tomorrow and see if blogspot is cooperating then. You might like to scroll down to this post the next time you visit and I'll try to have it here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Wasn't Fleeced!

But I sure am tickled to find this fleece! The black print is 2 yards and the red dotted it 2+ yards. They were each $2 at the hospice thrift store. What an awesome find!
I don't know what I'll do with them yet, but I HAD to bring them home. I could make a few head bands to sell on my Etsy shop (not up and running yet) I could make a couple fleece hats and maybe some lined mittens to go with them. A scarf to go with a hat could be good.

I've got some thinking to do! Now I need some sewing time too!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Recreate It! Lavendar Baby Pants

What did you see when looking at these adorable, fleecy baby pants?

I tucked the one leg inside the other and ended up with this. And more importantly, THIS:

I see an easy way to make a pattern for them! I will probably trace them like this and again open. Then I can make sure I get the front and back rise in order so they don't hang too low in the back when baby is sitting. They will be warmer if the lower back is adequately and properly covered.

I do have some baby pants patterns for pants and shorts, but I LOVE the angulation and trim on the bottom of these. So I wanted to be able to do this with pants and some long legged-shorts. Won't they be cute?

I'll probably hang on to these for a while. I really like them and they can have a few incidental uses too. I just can't cut these up for a pattern, although that CAN be done. Maybe I'll run across some like it that are all stained up! Those I can and will cut up!

Why didn't I think of cute hems like this for my girls? I sure sewed a lot of little pants! Why didn't I keep all those patterns too?  I can use these to copy the hem to other patterns.

I can use them for a pattern for making some of the little pant/skirt combos that are currently popular.

I can use them to help with an idea of other things too. I saw a blog post about making baby tights without a pattern. These pants are a stretchy fleece and will most likely be a close fit to a baby's legs instead of a blousy fit from some of the patterns I have.

I can use them to size pants that don't have a size in them.

I can all do some measurements on them for selling baby pants. I don't have a baby fitting model as mine grew up! 

And, who wouldn't like a pair of these for their baby or grand baby?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recreate It!

I have thought and thought and thought. Then, my light bulb illuminated in my head! I still could have a better idea come along, but I really wanted to get this one area of my creating published and in motion. I think my idea is going to do well! I've got pics and ideas to share so got it done. Maybe someday I'll want to change it to a more fitting name. That can happen as things change, grow, etc. With this part of my creating, the needs could change for what I'm now doing. That would definitely motivate a change of title. So, at this point in time, the title of this part of my creating is:
Recreate It

One of my reasons (the MAIN reason) for not using charity in the title was so I can also include a few items I make for sale at etsy or elsewhere. I really need to generate some income to mail the clothing and other items (garden seeds, elders' lap quilts, clothing for the PRR homeless Veterans Center, etc.) to charities I'm creating for and helping. I didn't want you to think I was being sneaky or dishonest when you see something go to etsy, or even the summer dress I'm making for myself, dogs, goat kids, etc. So "Recreate It" allows for that to be and truly reflect all of what I do in a clear and hopefully concise manner.

A BIG THANK YOU to the reader who suggested another great title, Repurpose for a Good Deed!
Now I need to figure out how to do the pages! I've tried before and couldn't do anything but make one. I couldn't get the pertinent posts to go into it.

I'll be back real soon with some pics of the items I have to recreate! I've been getting them taken and edited so I'm ready to start sharing them!
Do you want a teaser? Here's an EASY one!
What do you see here? I'm not giving a clue because I LOVE to hear ideas. Yours might work better than mine, after all! I will say they are a pair of lavendar baby pants. Now you take it from there!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update & Dilemma

Blogspot is cooperating better tonight! I still can't get a banner uploaded and behind the title and text. It consistently places it below even though I'm cautiously trying to do it right. I wonder if it's the template I chose! I'm trying to find the old template interface or what ever they call it. I think I'd like to use the same one I use on my other 2 blogs and just have it all easier to navigate.
My dilemma is deciding on a name for the posts I want to make about the potential of items I come up with for upcycling into charity projects. So far I've come up with using the word "potential". It's not "grabbing me" and I really would like something catchy. So far "Potential To Be" might end up being it if I don't figure it out SOON. What I want to do is post pics and ideas of what to do with items. I have started photographing some items I have to work with but need that title. Then after I upcycle the item I can post pics and sometimes directions for readers to make their own. What do you call your starter process of looking at the potential of something for what it's to become? It's kind of like a vision of the item's potential. Any ideas?

So, I'm going to work on trying to get the interface figured out and try to decide on a title for the upcycling project.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Troubles with Blogspot!

Goodness, I've never had trouble starting a blog but for some reason blogspot is giving me problems! My dashboard appearance and style has been changed and I don't like this one at all! I can't find my way out of this new style either! Please bear with me as I try to figure this out!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Welcome to my projects on my new blog!

I will be sharing a great many things, with many definitely being a work in progress and with a purpose!

This work in progress will probably start out slowly! I hope as I get photos taken and cropped, projects photographed, etc. that I'll be able to speed it up some.

So, please come on along and see where this project travels and unfolds! I'd love to have followers and always enjoy comments, suggestions, and ideas!

Sew, come on along and I hope you enjoy the threads!


I love to sew and craft.

I'm relearning to crochet and knit. I never knew a lot, but have found I remember less than I thought! Relearning and progressing is a learning curve that will probably never end! I'm continuously amazed at what I see that people have designed, created, and share. The inter net is a WEALTH of info to clean from, drool over, and dream about!

I also love to do charitable work and firmly believe we have a responsibility to sow what we can and live a frugal live which includes sharing where we can. So, most of my creations are for donation to favorite projects. So here I will be sharing what I create, upcycle and recycle as I am able, and for those who I'm able to help out in some way.

I will also do some projects to sell to cover the postage and expenses for what I can share and help others by providing.

You'll see all that here and maybe a little more!