Sunday, February 12, 2012

Knitted Bed Throw

Have I mentioned that I am relearning to crochet and knit. I never knew much to begin with so I'm really finding that it's more of a challenge now. I'm also now much more appreciative of the time and effort that go into making something. And that is ESPECIALLY in the new-to-me bed throw I found at the hospice thrift store. I had to buy it of course and it was only $10! It practically jumped off the shelf into my arms!

I absolutely LOVE the colors and it's really warm. I've run my hand across it in appreciation while wondering how long it took the knitter to make it. It had to take some time as it's an ample twin size throw. I wonder about the knitter too! Was this a gift for someone or for the knitter?  It's a basic knit/purl stitching and very much a basic knit, but I can't call something this beautiful "simple". It would seem a disgrace to the knitter who had to have worked hard to make it. It isn't going any where, as it's mine! I bought it for me. We are allowed to do this at times!

Have you ever bought something handmade that you've wondered about it's history and the person who made it?

I've tried to post a pic of the throw but it's not working. I'll try again tomorrow and see if blogspot is cooperating then. You might like to scroll down to this post the next time you visit and I'll try to have it here.

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