Friday, February 17, 2012

ReCreate It!

I found this beachy material at Good Will. There's about 4 yards of it and it was $1.29! GREAT find! I'll be SLIGHTLY limited as to the use. As you can see, it's thin and easily seen thru. That didn't discourage me though. It can be used for many things such as tote bag liner with matching straps and pockets, pockets, sleeves, and even a skirt attached to leggings. For a skirt on leggings, a top can be made from the same material as the leggings and then this can easily decorate the top. It can be used for a pillow cover, pillow cases, ruffles for clothes, etc. It will end up being a go-to piece.
This piece is actually a bed skirt with a cotton flat piece and not the woven piece. So I can use the material from both parts of it! This is also a thin material giving it a few limitations, but can be used much the same as above. I've also thought of using some of both to add together for a tiered skirt.
One thing I like about these bed skirts is the ruffle is already a ruffle! So I don't have to do the hard part! It makes for some easy sewing!
With the way prints and patterns are being combined these days, I could probably layer both for a tiered skirt or just use some of both in the same item.
I also need a couple newer summer dresses for the exceptionally hot days so I may just use some off of a couple different bed skirts to make the skirt part of the project and attached them to the bottom of a scrub top. I'll remove the sleeves and turn them into some other project! An oversized tee shirt can also have the sleeves removed and be used as the top. Sleeves don't necessarily need to be removed either. They can be changed into a ruffle or cap type sleeve with a quick trim and hem of the raw edge.
Day before yesterday, I went to a new thrift & vintage shop in the next little town. I fell in love with the place, of course. How fun to look at the antiques I remember from childhood. I'll definitely be returning regularly! I really enjoyed talking with the proprietor while reminiscing! We're the same age so it was an easy conversation! I did find some old crochet books that I snatched right up and have had fun reading thru. The only repurposing from there goes to my kitchen though!
If you have any ideas for the above material, please do let me know! That beach material isn't going to "make it" for baby clothes other than maybe butt ruffles on onesies or pants. But I can probably use some of the bed skirt that way easily.
I always enjoy comments and opinions so feel free to post them. I'm always open to help deciding what to do with items I'm repurposing and especially the charitable items!

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