Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I love to sew and craft.

I'm relearning to crochet and knit. I never knew a lot, but have found I remember less than I thought! Relearning and progressing is a learning curve that will probably never end! I'm continuously amazed at what I see that people have designed, created, and share. The inter net is a WEALTH of info to clean from, drool over, and dream about!

I also love to do charitable work and firmly believe we have a responsibility to sow what we can and live a frugal live which includes sharing where we can. So, most of my creations are for donation to favorite projects. So here I will be sharing what I create, upcycle and recycle as I am able, and for those who I'm able to help out in some way.

I will also do some projects to sell to cover the postage and expenses for what I can share and help others by providing.

You'll see all that here and maybe a little more!

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