Friday, January 20, 2012

Recreate It! Lavendar Baby Pants

What did you see when looking at these adorable, fleecy baby pants?

I tucked the one leg inside the other and ended up with this. And more importantly, THIS:

I see an easy way to make a pattern for them! I will probably trace them like this and again open. Then I can make sure I get the front and back rise in order so they don't hang too low in the back when baby is sitting. They will be warmer if the lower back is adequately and properly covered.

I do have some baby pants patterns for pants and shorts, but I LOVE the angulation and trim on the bottom of these. So I wanted to be able to do this with pants and some long legged-shorts. Won't they be cute?

I'll probably hang on to these for a while. I really like them and they can have a few incidental uses too. I just can't cut these up for a pattern, although that CAN be done. Maybe I'll run across some like it that are all stained up! Those I can and will cut up!

Why didn't I think of cute hems like this for my girls? I sure sewed a lot of little pants! Why didn't I keep all those patterns too?  I can use these to copy the hem to other patterns.

I can use them for a pattern for making some of the little pant/skirt combos that are currently popular.

I can use them to help with an idea of other things too. I saw a blog post about making baby tights without a pattern. These pants are a stretchy fleece and will most likely be a close fit to a baby's legs instead of a blousy fit from some of the patterns I have.

I can use them to size pants that don't have a size in them.

I can all do some measurements on them for selling baby pants. I don't have a baby fitting model as mine grew up! 

And, who wouldn't like a pair of these for their baby or grand baby?

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